Chinese Martial Arts Somerset, Devon & Dorset

Taunton, Bridgwater, Wellington, Newton Abbot, Tiverton, Bournemouth & Poole 


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Welcome to Martial Arts U.K

Martial Arts for Everyone in Taunton, Bridgwater, Wellington, Glastonbury, Street, Yeovil Somerset. Tiverton, Exeter Devon. Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset.

We specialize in Tai Chi & Kung Fu

We Teach Self Defence, Forms and Weapons Classes 

We also Teach Health, Fitness, Meditation Only Classes  

Please feel free to browse our site and visit us.

Our Club History and Lineage 

We have over 20 years experience in the Chinese Martial Arts and have trained all over the World , here is a short recollection of our club history from our Sifu.


My first experience of Tai chi was Yang Style Long Form in 1997 at a Class in Wellington Somerset, after moving to Dorset in 2000 I joined the Wu Tan Institute (Master They)  and studied Yang Style Short Form, Stick and Qi Gong in Bournemouth and Southampton.

In 2001 I joined Sifu Friskney (F.A.S.T) Martial Art school which had clubs in Bournemouth and Southampton and studied Yang style Tai Chi and Push Hands.

In 2002 I met Master Li Xuelong (Southampton School of Tai Chi) who taught Yang Style and Chen Style Tai Chi from Master Tuo Musi (Student of GM Chen Zhaokui - Chen Fa Ke Lineage). I continued to learn Yang Short Form and started learning Chen New Form Part 1 and Push Hands. In 2004 I contacted Master Susan Johnson ( British Chen Style Tai Chi College) Manchester who recommended me to Master Liu Yong ( Man Lian Tai Chi Club China) - International Coach for GM Chen Zheng Lei Chen Village Tai Chi Lineage).

My first trip to China was during 2005 with Master Liu Yong, I studied Chen Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Silk Reeling, Old Form  9, 18, 36, Cannon Fist 45 , New Form 36, Sabre 27, Stick and Push Hands , I completed my training in Chen Style Old Form with Master Sue Johnson.

2006 - 2007 I competed in the UK and won 3rd place Push Hands British Tai Chi Open 3rd Place Traditional Weapons and 3rd Place Traditional Forms SENI International Championships where I also first met Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei.

Since then we have taught all over the country and promoted Tai Chi in Publications, News articles and through working with various high profile institutions such as The NHS. 

In 2014 I met Master Jesse Tsao ( Student of GM  Li De Yin - Chen Fa Ke Lineage & student of  GM Chen Zheng Lei. Master Tsao is a 12th generation direct lineage holder of Chen Tai Chi .  I study New Form Cannon Fist and Push Hands with Master Tsao on his UK visits and continue all of my Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi training. 

I am qualified to teach Tai Chi by these named Masters, Instructors and various UK Associations.



I had Family influences training in Karate and Judo, my first group class experience was in my early teens , I trained in a Kung Fu Club in Avon on holiday and then joined a Karate School in Somerset i also tried Kick boxing. In 1998 I met Sifu Richard Weatherall who was practicing Master Augustine Fong lineage Wing Chun, I learned the First Form level and applications, Richard was also my first MMA influence and we where active fans of the UFC began that year . 

In 2001 I joined Wu Tan Institute and F.A.S.T Wing Chun Schools I learned the Wu Tan Style of Wing Chun to Purple Sash ( Hand forms, Applications, Stick and Wooden Dummy) Sifu Friskney was a 4th Degree Black Sash of GM Samuel Kwok and also trained with GM Moy Yat and GM Ip Chun - Ip Man Wing Chun Style. I gained 3rd Degree Black Sash Wing Chun from Sifu Friskney.

I have also trained with other Augustine Fong and Ip Chun Students in Dorset and Somerset as well as training in The Shaolin Society Wing Chun Style and Bruce Lee Style Wing Chun via JKD Students including Master Moe Teague (World Combat Arts)who I gained an instructor qualification from and a seminar with GM  Dan Inosanto which inspired me.

Since then we have trained with Master Greg Holloway (Brixton Wing Chun - Sifu of  GM Austin Goh - Lee Shing Wing Chun) who our Wing Chun Pole, Knife and Wooden Dummy lineage now follow. 


Masters of Shaolin I have trained with include Master Liu Yong ( 6th level Wu Shu Master Republic of China and Master Jesse Tsao ( 8th level Wu Shu Master Republic of China.I also trained with The Shaolin Society UK in Northern Style, Dragon style, Chen style and Shaolin Pole which I gained qualification to instruct, in 2009 i met GM Lin of Shaolin HKB who I trained with in America the UK and gained further Instructor qualification.


Between 2002 and 2008 I also trained in Pentjak Silat under Guru Shaun Osborne, learning Tiger and Crocodile style and Knife Style, 2006 trained in Restraint with NFPS , Aki Jujitsu with Christchurch Aki Ju jitsu , Thai Boxing with Guru Sert in Boscombe, Aikdo and Judo with Sensei Greg Holloway and JKD with The Bulldog Gym . 2010 I first started training MMA with Sensei Matt Follian and guest Instructors at SWBBA 2012 I re encountered Coach Richard Weatherall, begun training again with him in BJJ and since been teaching Kung Fu at his Gracie Barra Gym in Somerset. In 2013 I met Sifu Vik Holti (Leung Ting Ving Tsun) he is also a MMA Fighter and Sambo Instructor , in 2014 we started training Sambo with Coach Vik at his IMAS HQ in Slough .

I am qualified to teach Kung Fu and Self Defence by these named Instructors and various Martial Art Associations.

At present I still get instruction from Coach Weatherall in BJJ , Coach Holti in Sambo, Sifu Holloway in Wing Chun Master Li Xuelong in Tai Chi , and Master Tsao in New Cannon Fist and Push Hands.

We continue to teach a combined system of Wing Chun Shaolin and MMA in our Kung Fu Classes as well Traditional Chen Style in our Tai Chi Classes.

We are directly affiliated to clubs in London, Manchester, Southampton and Brighton as well as internationally, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, USA Shanghai, Beijing, China and other counties such as Sri Lanka, Cypress, Germany 

Come and find out for yourself why we have such a great reputation at a class near you.

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